Acupressure has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for its effectiveness in pain and symptom management. It is an ancient healing technique which dates back thousands of years. Today acupressure is widely used throughout the world. Many doctors believe that acupressure has positive and healing effects. Research conducted by UCLA Center for East-West Medicine has studied the scientific basis of acupressure. The research suggests that self-acupressure can help with recovery and also it is cost effective.

Acupressure applies the same principles as acupuncture. It is sometimes referred to as the needleless acupuncture because both techniques use acupoints that lie along the channels in your body, to achieve the desired results. Acupressure is firm, controlled and timed pressure applied by thumb, fingers or elbow on specific acupoints. With the knowledge of which acupoints are responsible for particular health condition, you can attempt to self-care yourself with acupressure.

Self-Care Yourself with Acupressure

Common Cold
Dark Circles
Edema in Face
Edema in Feet
Edema in Hands
Edema in Legs
Gray Hair
Hair Loss
Numbness in Arms
Numbness in Feet
Numbness in Hands
Numbness in Legs
Weight Loss
Weight Loss
Hair Loss