Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are traditionally prepared in clay cooking pot. If you don’t have it at home, you can also use any ceramic, glass pot or stainless steel. Many Chinese herbs can interact with aluminum or cast iron which can cause a chemical reaction. It could alter the therapeutic quality of the herbs. You should avoid using pot made by these metals.

It’s not easy to process Chinese herbs. Each herb has its own processing method which can involve drying, soaking, boiling, steaming, fermenting, roasting and many different types of frying. An herbal formula can contain many different herbs. This is a very time-consuming process. Nowadays, many people don’t prepare Chinese herbs in the traditional way. TCM herbal products can be easily purchased online. There are simpler ways to take Chinese herbs such as liquid extract, powder, pills and capsules. (Learn more about Chinese herbal formula)

Common Herbs Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bai Guo
Fan Hong Hua
Fu Ling
Gan Cao
He Shou Wu
Huang Qi
Huang Qin
Jiang Huang
Ji Xue Cao
Mo Yao
Ren Shen
Ru Xiang
Shan Zha
Shen Qu
Shu Di Huang
Tian Men Dong
Wu Wei Zi
Xie Cao
Xun Ma
Yi Yi Ren
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