Gu Ya

Gu Ya written in Chinese

Pinyin Name: Gu Ya

English Name: Fructus Oryzae Sativae Germinatus

Other Names: Rice Paddy Sprouts

Tastes: Sweet, Neutral

Origin: Southern China

Benefits of Gu Ya:

Gu Ya covers meridians of spleen and stomach. Main functions are helping to digest, removing the retention of food, invigorating the spleen for whetting the appetite. Common uses and indications are indigestion with food retention, stomach fullness and diarrhea, eating less due to spleen deficiency, edema in beriberi and more. Recommended dosage is from 10 to 15 grams.

Gu Ya is widely used in Chinese herbal formulas. 1) Gu Shen Wan is designed for arousing the spleen to promote appetite. Its ingredient herbs include Gu Ya, Zhi Gan Cao, Sha Ren, Bai Zhu and more. 2) Jian Pi Zhi Xie Tang is formulated for diarrhea due to spleen-stomach deficiency. 3) Gu Ya Lu is used to help digestion, strengthen spleen, stimulate appetite, regulate the middle warmer, promote the production of body fluid and benefit vitality.

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