Mo Yao

Mo Yao written in Chinese

Pinyin Name: Mo Yao

English Name: Myrrha

Other Names: Myrrh, Commiphora Myrrha

Tastes: Bitter, Neutral

Origin: Somalia, Ethiopia and India

Health Conditions Treated with Mo Yao: Bronchitis

Benefits of Mo Yao:

Mo Yao is native to northeastern Africa and southwest Asia. It is harvested from November to next February. Mo Yao can be used to improve throat health, ease pain, dispel swelling, stimulate the blood and promote tissue healing.

Side Effects: Mo Yao is generally safe with little to no side effects.

Common TCM Herbal Formulas with Mo Yao:

Duo Ming San, Mo Yao Wan, She Hua Dan, Xiao Du Mo Yao San.

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