Bi Luo Chun

Bi Luo Chun

Name: Bi Luo Chun (Green Snail Spring Tea)
Category: Green Tea
Origin: Taihu Lake, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province
Shape: Slender, curly, with spiral hairs all over the body
Color: Silvery, emerald green

Description: Bi Luo Chun has small, feathery tea buds and leaves yield a gentle yet full sweet flavor. It is one of the earliest picked green teas. It is normally plucked near the end of March while the weather is still cold.

History: During the Qing dynasty, Emperor Kangxi made his southern visit to Taihu Lake and occasionally tasted a tea named Xia Sha Ren Xiang and liked it very much. Emperor Kangxi thought the name was not elegant, so he gave it a new name, Bi Luo Chun. Since then, Bi Luo Chun was known as a royal tea and became famous.

Benefits: Bi Luo Chun has high levels of antioxidants like other green teas. Green tea is probably the most studied among other types of teas, and there is lots of evidences support its health benefits. It can improve digestion, burn fat, promote good skin, reduce the incidence of cancer, help to reduce the effects of aging.

How to prepare Bi Luo Chun

Simple Method
Tea Cup: 8.8oz / 250ml
Temperature: 176 degree Fahrenheit / 80 degree Celsius
Amount: 2.5 Teaspoons / 3g Tea
Brewing time: 3 - 5 mins

Gongfu Style Brewing Method
Gaiwan: 3.8oz / 110ml
Temperature: 176 degree Fahrenheit / 80 degree Celsius
Amount: 4g Tea
5 steeps: 15s, 25s, 35s, 50s, 70s

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