Tie Guan Yin

Tie Guan Yin

Name: Tie Guan Yin (Iron Buddha Tea)
Category: Oolong Tea
Origin: Anxi, Fujian Province
Shape: Like a dragonfly, spirochetes, frog legs
Color: Green sand

Description: Tie Guan Yin is an oolong tea tastes fruity, sometimes even berry taste and aroma. It can be harvested in spring, summer and autumn and winter. Tea leaves harvested in spring have the best quality. Tea leaves harvested in autumn have strong aroma. According to the degree of fermentation and processing technology, Tie Guan Yin can be classified into fragrant, strong fragrant, mellow fragrant and charcoal baked Tie Guan Yin.

History: Tea farmers in Anxi first created oolong tea in 1725 and Tie Guan Yin was first created by them during 1725-1735. After Tie Guan Yin appeared, because of its high quality, it is quickly spread to the surrounding towns and villages and imitated by tea farmers in different places.

Benefits: Tie Guan Yin and other oolong teas can clear mind, reduce fatigue, improve digestion in Chinese medicine. Some studies suggest that oolong tea can lower bad cholesterol levels.

How to prepare Tie Guan Yin

Simple Method
Tea Cup: 12oz / 355ml
Temperature: 212 degree Fahrenheit / 100 degree Celsius
Amount: 2 Teaspoons / 5g Tea
Brewing time: 3 - 5 mins

Gongfu Style Brewing Method
Gaiwan: 3.8oz / 110ml
Temperature: 212 degree Fahrenheit / 100 degree Celsius
Amount: 7g Tea
7 steeps: 15s, 25s, 35s, 45s, 55s, 75s, 85s

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