Traditional Chinese Medicine for Fatigue

When we think of fatigue, the first thing that comes to mind is lack of sleep. Many would agree that sleep is probably the best natural remedy for fatigue. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, fatigue can be caused by many factors. With the busy lifestyle we are living, many people are completely exhausted after work, both physically and mentally. Plus, we often eat too many fried and processed foods that are considered unhealthy diet in Chinese medicine. Overworking and unhealthy diet can lead to weakness in internal organs. If this situation occurs over a long period of time, it will result in a weak body constitution.

A weak body constitution means weakness in some internal organs. Fatigue is often associated with a weakness in the spleen and kidneys. Fatigue is the common symptom of spleen qi deficiency and kidney qi deficiency. TCM aims to strengthen spleen and kidneys.

Chinese Herbs for Fatigue

For fatigue caused by qi deficiency in kidneys, Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, an herbal formula can be used. It has been traditionally used to nourish the energy of the kidneys. It can be helpful for fatigue caused by qi deficiency in kidneys. It contains herbs include Shu Di Huang, Shan Zhu Yu, Shan Yao, Ze Xie, Mu Dan Pi and Fu Ling.

For fatigue caused by qi deficiency in spleen, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, an herbal formula can be used to build the spleen qi. It contains herbs include Ren Shen, Huang Qi, Gan Cao, Dang Gui and more. Gui Pi Wan can also be used. It can strengthen spleen and heart. It contains herbs include Dang Shen, Bai Zhu, Huang Qi, Gan Cao, Fu Ling and more. Other Chinese herbs that are considered beneficial for fatigue include Ling Zhi, Qing Hao and Shan Yao.

Acupuncture for Fatigue

TCM practitioners often offer acupuncture combined with herbal formula for fatigue. Common acupuncture points for fatigue are used to strengthen the spleen and kidneys. Some studies suggest that acupuncture could reduce both mental and physical fatigue. Acupuncture can increase blood flow, which helps to move nutrients to different organs and improve the body constitution. It can also calm the body which can help to reduce mental fatigue.

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