Herbal Soups

Chinese herbal soup is part of Chinese medicine diet. It is not a simple combination of food and Chinese herbs, but an herbal formula combined with food based on traditional Chinese medicine theory. Chinese medicine diet has a long history. In Zhou Dynasty (1122–255 BC), royal doctors were divided into four types. One of them was dietetic doctors who were in charge of the emperor's health care and preparing medicine diets for him.

Chinese herbal soup can be used either for symptom management or healthy people to build up their health and prevent diseases. Although Chinese herbal soup is something mild, it has a notable effect on the prevention and cure of diseases, and health preservation.

Many people don’t like the bitterness of Chinese herbs and they won’t take herbal formula which contains many different herbs. Chinese herbal soup retains the properties of food such as smell and flavor. Even if Chinese herbs are used in the soup, their nature and flavor are taken into consideration, so that they are made into tasty soup by mixing them with food.

Simple Chinese Herbal Soup Recipes

Black Bean Chicken Soup
Blood Circulating Dampness Expelling Soup
Chuan Xiong Bai Zhi Fish Head Soup
Fu Ling Soup
Ginseng Chicken Soup
Jellyfish Pork Bone Soup
Lotus Root Peanut Soup
Shan Yao Hong Zao Pork Bone Soup
Six Combination Soup
Tilapia Pepper Soup
Weight Loss
Hair Loss