Abdominal massage has many benefits

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are numerous benefits of massaging the belly.

Promote bowel movement and relieve constipation

Rubbing the abdomen can increase the blood flow of abdominal muscles and the function of the lymphatic system, thereby enhancing the digestion and absorption of food. It can prevent and relieve constipation by improving peristalsis in large and small intestines. For elder, the effect of abdominal massage is particularly well.

Good for weight loss

Pressing and rubbing the abdomen can improve digestion. Through massage of different intensity and speed, it can promote fat consumption. Pressing and rubbing the abdomen can also help you fall asleep.

Best time to rub the abdomen

Generally speaking, it is recommended to be carried out at night before going to bed and getting up in the morning.

The right way to rub the abdomen

When rubbing the abdomen, you should lie down in supine position. Rub the abdomen clockwise around the belly button with your right hand, starting with the belly button, and gradually expanding it circle after circle until the whole abdomen is rubbed. Then rub the abdomen anticlockwise with your left hand. You should use moderate pressure to massage.

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