Does beer really give you a beer belly?

Many people think drinking beer will give you a beer belly. This statement is not entirely accurate, because beer belly can be caused by many factors. However, you should know that excessive drinking beer is also one of the main causes of beer belly.

Extra calories

Beer is rich in nutrients. It is sometimes referred to as liquid bread. In every 200 ml of beer, it will have 64 calories. Beer also contains small amounts of micronutrients, including sodium, potassium and magnesium. You need to think about the extra calories you take when you drink excessive beer.

Also, we often eat many snacks when we drink beer. Drinking and chatting with friends at the dining table will likely end up eating more snacks and drinking more beer.

Genetic makeup

Beer belly is also related to male genetic makeup just like female obesity starts from the buttock, most of the male body fat will be stored in the abdomen.

Sleep quality

Poor sleep quality can also give you a beer belly. As we age, deep sleep will be decreased. Due to poor sleep quality, the secretion of hormones will decrease. The lack of hormones will increase the fat in your body and accumulate in the abdomen.

Beer belly is mostly due to fat accumulation like other parts of your body. As long as you exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy diet, you don’t need to worry about the trouble with belly fat.

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