What behaviors can hurt the eyes?

People often say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Some behaviors can harm the eyes, reduce vision. If you have those behaviors, you should correct them immediately.

Pressing your eyes

When your eyes feel tired or itchy, you may press your eyes with your hands unconsciously. However, there are many germs on your hands, and the germs may get into the eyes. In addition, if you can't control the intensity when pressing your eyes, your eyes may be hurt. When your eyes feel itchy, you can blink or roll your eyes quickly, or you can gently acupressure your eyes with a handkerchief.


Smoking not only harms the lungs, but also brings unexpected harm to the eyes. The tar and nicotine in lit cigarettes will harm the eyeballs. You should also stay away from secondhand smoke.

Spend too much time on your phone

Long-term use of mobile phone at close range can cause dry eye, and even temporary vision loss. People who spend too much time on their phones should pay attention to the distance between their eyes and the computer screen. You should close your eyes for few minutes and look into the distance if your eyes feel tired.

UV exposure

Ultraviolet rays not only cause damage to your skin, but also affect your eyesight. Exposure to UV rays can cause a variety of chronic eye diseases, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and accelerate the speed of eye aging.

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