Each organ in the body has a favorite food

Traditional Chinese medicine has the theory that "five flavors enter the five internal organs". It means that each organ of the human body has a particularly suitable food.

What are the favorite foods of the 9 main organs of the human body?

Heart: Suitable for eating deep sea fish

Fish meat contains unsaturated fatty acids. The key lies in a special fatty acid Omega -3. Consuming Omega-3 rich fish once or twice a week, with a total amount of 250 grams, can reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction. The fish species rich in Omega-3 are mostly deep sea fish including salmon, tuna, mackerel, saury and sardines.

Lungs: Suitable for eating white fungus

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, white fungus can nourish the lungs. It can be eaten in the dry autumn and winter seasons for nourishing the lungs.

Stomach: Suitable for eating cabbage

Cabbage contains vitamin U, which can inhibit gastric acid secretion, protect the gastrointestinal mucosa, prevent gastritis and stomach ulcers. Other foods such as Chinese yam and lotus root have similar function of protecting the stomach.

Intestines: Suitable for eating white radish

White radish contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. It has the function of eliminating stagnation, which is good for clearing the intestines. It is also rich in fiber, which can promote peristalsis and induce bowel movement.

Kidneys: Suitable for eating Chinese yam

Chinese yam contains a special substance called "Chinese yam polysaccharide”. Many studies have shown that it has not only the effects of anti-oxidation, strengthens the body’s immunity, prevents cancer, and delays aging, but also has certain effects on protecting the kidneys.

Liver: Suitable for eating goji berry

Betaine, one of the most notable components in goji berry, can inhibit the deposition of fat in the liver, relieve symptoms of fatty liver, prevent cirrhosis of the liver, and promote liver regeneration.

Blood vessels: Suitable for eating celery

Celery contains vitamin P, which can reduce capillary permeability, improve blood vessel elasticity, lower blood pressure and prevent arteriosclerosis. Other foods such as fish, shiitake mushroom, kelp, apple and garlic have similar function of protecting blood vessels.

Eyes: Suitable for eating carrots

Carrots are a particularly good source of beta carotene, which can protect the eyes from free radical damage. It can enhanced corneal smoothness and make the eyes bright and more energetic.

Skin: Suitable for eating tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants lycopene and vitamin C. Lycopene can absorb ultraviolet rays and protect collagen fibers from damage. Vitamin C can protect skin from the sun, keep skin healthy and maintain youthful.

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