Difficult to quit smoking, try Chinese medicine

Smoking is highly addictive. The main substance that causes the addiction is nicotine. People who try to quit smoking may have a series of withdrawal symptoms such as smoking craving, anxiety, depression and headache.

Also, nicotine dependence has a high recurrence, and its withdrawal often requires the assistance from professionals. Any smoker can benefit from smoking cessation at any age, and the earlier you stop smoking, the greater the health benefits.

Quitting smoking is a very difficult task. We all know that smoking is harmful to health, but once you are addicted to nicotine, all the harms are forgotten. Chinese medicine can be very helpful for people who want to quit smoking. Acupuncture in Chinese medicine has become an important clinical method for smoking cessation and has achieved good results.

The withdrawal symptoms after quitting smoking can appear within a few hours after stopping smoking. It is usually the strongest in the first 2 to 3 weeks, and then it can gradually weaken to disappear. Acupuncture for smoking cessation requires one session per week. It generally takes about 4 to 8 weeks to achieve satisfactory result.

Acupuncture points for smoking cessation

Different acupuncture points can be selected based on syndrome differentiation. Commonly used acupuncture points for smoking cessation include Lieque (LU7), Hegu (LI4) and Zusanli (ST36). In addition, there is an acupuncture point called Tianmei, which is used specifically to stop smoking. It’s located one finger’s width above your wrist crease, on the inside of your arm. It is used to help people stop smoking by altering the way cigarettes taste.

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