Not everyone is suitable for drinking coffee

Many people get up in the morning with a cup of coffee as a refreshing. Some people can’t focus at work without drinking coffee, may even need to drink 2 to 3 cups. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, not everyone is suitable for drinking coffee. If you drink a large amount of coffee for a long time, it could put your health at risk.

Properties of coffee

Coffee is not traditional Chinese herb, there is no ancient book describing its properties. According to the roasting method of coffee and the body's reaction after drinking, coffee is believed to be warm in nature, sour in the liver, and bitter in the heart. After drinking coffee, it can increase your heart rate.

Are you suitable for coffee?

Not everyone is suitable for coffee. You can stick out your tongue in the mirror and do a small test to find out.

The normal tongue body is light red, the tongue body is smooth and has no cracks. The tongue of people with yin deficiency will appear to be full of cracks, with little or no coating on the tongue. People with heat and dampness will have yellow and thick coating on the tongue.

People with yin deficiency, heat and dampness are not recommended to drink coffee frequently. People with yin deficiency are generally prone to dryness, heat and heart weakness when they drink coffee. People with heat and dampness drink too much coffee may lead to burping, nausea or acid reflux.

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