There are three main types of ginseng, which one is suitable for you?

Ginseng is also known as king of herbs. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng can increase physical strength, promote blood circulation, improve the spleen, lungs and stomach. It can also boost capillary circulation in brain and reduces stress effects.

The nutritional components in different types of ginseng will vary according to their growth environment and processing method. Therefore, you must first understand your own physical constitution to choose the right ginseng.

Ginseng on the market can be divided into three main types according to the place of origin: American ginseng, Korean ginseng and Codonopsis.

American ginseng

American ginseng is native to eastern North America. It is also cultivated in China. It can nourish qi, reduce fire. People who have dry mouth, constipation and people who are stressed, busy at work and lack of sleep can use American ginseng to restore the balance.

Korean ginseng

Korean ginseng is native to Korean peninsula. It is also cultivated in northeastern China. It has the benefits of nourishing and strengthening the body. It can recover vital energy from qi deficiency, improve physical fitness and enhance resistance to illness.


Codonopsis is mainly produced in China, and it has fewer health benefits and less expensive than American ginseng and Korean ginseng. Many people use it to make tea.

In addition, ginseng can be distinguished according to the processing method. Fresh ginseng which is washed and dried is called raw ginseng. Ginseng which is dried after being steamed is called red ginseng. Ginseng which is soaked in sugar solution or then dried is called sugar ginseng or white ginseng. The fine roots of ginseng cut off by processing are called ginseng silk.

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