Tai Chi

Tai Chi (Tai Chi Chuan) is a Chinese martial art that combines self-defense with physical and mental fitness. It can be traced back nearly 3000 years to the introduction of the concept of yin and yang. Originally, it is developed as a martial art. Today’s it is practiced by people of all ages for many reasons. Traditionally, Tai Chi and traditional Chinese medicine are connected together. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Tai Chi is practiced primarily for health benefits, stress relief, and relaxation. The slow, continuous movements are designed to impart powerful physical skills and to stimulate the flow of energy within the body, with the ultimate goal of improved mind-body connection, and increased longevity.

In 1956, Chinese National Sports Committee had authorized Tai Chi experts to compose the Tai Chi 24 Form. It is mainly based mainly on traditional yang style moves. The Tai Chi 24 Form is also known as the Beijing 24 Form, 24 Step Form and Simplified Tai Chi Chuan. In 1989, the Tai Chi 42 Form was created for the Chinese National Sports Committee. In 1990, the 11th Asian Games were held in Beijing, China. For the first time in the history of the Asian Games, martial art was included as an item for competition. The Tai Chi 42 Form is the only Tai Chi Form being chosen to represent Tai Chi.

The movements of the Tai Chi 24 Form are listed below:

1. Commencement
2. Parting the wild horse’s mane (repeat 3 times)
3. White crane spreads its wings
4. Brush knee (repeat 3 times)
5. Playing the Lute
6. Step back and repulse monkey (repeat 4 times)
7. Grasp the bird's tail left side
8. Grasp the bird's tail right side
9. Single whip
10. Cloud hands
11. Single whip
12. High pat on the horse
13. Heel kick right side
14. Strike tiger’s Ears
15. Heel kick left side
16. Push down and stand on one leg left side
17. Push down and stand on one leg right side
18. Work at shuttles on both sides
19. Needle at the sea bottom
20. Fan through the back
21. Turn, deflect, parry and punch
22. Apparent close-up
23. Cross hands
24. Closing

The movements of the Tai Chi 42 Form are listed below:

1. Commencement
2. Right grasp bird's tail
3. Left single whip
4. Lift hand
5. White crane spreads wings
6. Brush knee and step forward (repeat 2 times)
7. Sidle and punch
8. Roll-back and press
9. Step forward, deflect downward, intercept and punch
10. Withdraw and push
11. Open and close hands
12. Right single whip
13. Fist under elbow
14. Turn body and push (repeat 2 times)
15. Fair lady works at shuttles (repeat 2 times)
16. Right and left heel kicks
17. Hidden hand upper arm rolls punch
18. Part the wild horse's mane (repeat 2 times)
19. Cloud hands (repeat 3 times)
20. Stand up and hit tiger
21. Separate right foot
22. Strike ears with both hands
23. Separate left foot
24. Turn around and tap right foot
25. Step up and punch downward
26. Diagonal flying
27. Single whip in low stance
28. Golden pheasant stands with one leg (repeat 2 times)
29. Withdraw step and thrust left palm
30. Empty step and pressing palm
31. Lift right leg and right palm up
32. Left shoulder strike with horse stance
33. Turn body and strike with hand
34. Capture and punch in an empty step
35. Thrust palm and sweep down
36. Step up to form the seven stars of the dipper
37. Step back to ride the tiger
38. Turn around and sweep lotus with one leg
39. Shoot tiger with bow
40. Left grasp bird's tail
41. Cross hands
42. Closing

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