Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine

Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine

Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine (HLJUCM) was founded in 1954. It’s an influential university with high level of teaching, research and medical care for key construction and development in Heilongjiang province. In 2004, HLJUCM got excellent result in the Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation from National Ministry of Education. In 2007 HLJUCM successfully passed the Authentication of the Specialty of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and was appointed to be the national clinical base of Chinese medicine in 2008. In 2010, HLJUCM successfully passed the TCM degree authentication from the Singapore TCM Practitioners Board. Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine has 11 colleges, 11 affiliated hospitals, 1 academy, 24 teaching-hospitals and 62 practical bases, 3 mobile post-doctoral stations, 28 specialties authorized to award doctorate degree, 36 specialties authorized to award master degree and 21 specialties authorized to award bachelor degree.

The overseas-student education program of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine was started in 1980s. For many years, HLJUCM has attached great importance to the international education, academic exchange and international cooperation of TCM. The overseas student scale of HLJUCM expands gradually with the development of the international education level. Now the overseas student source of HLJUCM covers Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Africa. The education level covers degree education and short-term training. A large number of oversea students have successfully graduated from HLJUCM. HLJUCM has joint-founded the world first London Confucius Institute for TCM.

(Source: Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine)

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